Healed from grudges to love again

Healed by love - praising God togetherThe problem with holding onto grudges is that our hands are then too full to hold onto anything else. Too full to hold new treasures that come from our beloved. Too full to receive from Jesus his radical love that can help us heal.

No matter what lousy things were done to us today, yesterday, a decade ago — none of it is going to get better as a result of clinging to grudges.

Forgiveness sets us free to heal. Forgiveness starts the journey of overcoming, recovery, and turning something bad into something good.

Forgiveness unites us to Jesus who forgave his unrepentant persecutors. And in that union, we are healed. In that union, we are filled and surrounded by the love of Jesus. In that union, we become new.

Pope Francis said (June 21, 2015): “The sign that we have become ‘new’ and that we have been transformed by the love of God is to strip off the worn out and old clothes of grudges and enmities to wear the clean robes of meekness, goodness, service to others, of peace in the heart, of children of God.”

We know we’ve been healed by the radical love of Jesus when we find ourselves experiencing his comfort and his help in loving others no matter what they’ve done and might do again.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What hurt from the past is affecting my relationship with my sweetheart today?
  2. What healing from the past does my beloved need in order to experience love more fully?

Strengthen your relationship:
Discuss ideas on how to forgive someone who has been hard to forgive, or to let go of a hurt that is controlling one (or both) of you today, or to stop an ongoing behavior that is interfering with feeling loved. If you cannot end this discussion with a sense of hope, make a commitment to seek help from a counselor or other trained guide. Pray together for the healing love of Jesus to redeem what was bad and transform it to good.

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