How to grow more love

How to grow more love - How to grow more love - growing as a coupleIn every marriage, there is growth. We grow individually just because life happens and because we learn from experience better than any other type of education. And we grow as a couple by sharing our individual growths with each other. If either piece of that equation gets neglected or blocked, the marriage gets sick.

For every relationship sickness, Jesus has a cure. The problem is: Quite frequently one of the individuals is not as ready and willing as the other to turn to Jesus, not as ready and willing to do whatever it takes to reach the cure. And thus progress is paralyzed.

Behind every paralysis in a relationship is fear. Therefore, the cure that Jesus wants to provide requires uncovering that fear and dealing with it. We need to get to the core of whatever fear is holding us back from being all that God designed us to be and do.

Often, we do not realize that we’re being controlled by fear. We need to get honest. We need to be open with our beloved and expose the fear.

It might be the fear of being unlovable. Or the fear that a difficult situation is going to lead to disaster. Or that we’ll lose control, as if that’s a bad thing. Or that we won’t like a change that’s being asked of us.

What are we so afraid of that we can’t even discuss it with Jesus, let alone our sweetheart?

“Immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.'” (Matthew 14:27)

Behind every fear is a lie. Jesus, who gives us his Spirit of Truth (the Holy Spirit), disempowers every fear when we open it up in his presence.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What fear is holding me back from giving more of myself to my sweetheart?
  2. In thinking about a situation with my sweetheart that frustrates me, what fear(s) might be paralyzing him/her?

Strengthen your relationship:
Take a fear named in the reflection questions and describe to each other what it feels like. Then figure out together what the message or warning is that fear is claiming as a truth. Lastly, pray together for the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth about it, and then share with each other what that truth might be and why you can trust it.

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