Fueled by love

Fueled by God's loveWhat sustains our ability to love when we feel tired, unloved, or empty? We love best when we consciously rely on God’s love to empower us to love more fully, more completely than we could do on our own.

“God is love, and one takes part in His work when one loves with Him and like Him. To this end — as Saint Paul says — love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us (cf. Rom 5:5). And this is also the love that is given to spouses in the Sacrament of Marriage. It is the love that fuels their relationship, through joys and sorrows, quiet and difficult moments.” (Pope Francis, October 4, 2015)

By ourselves, we usually tend to hold grudges more quickly than we forgive. By ourselves, we tend to cater to our own needs more determinedly than we pay attention to and respond to our beloved’s needs. By ourselves, we tend to jump to conclusions about our sweetheart’s intentions (we’re usually wrong to some extent) rather than spend time and energy asking about it and listening to what is truly going on inside of him/her.

Only God loves perfectly. We know that, but we cannot live that way unless we consciously choose to rely on his perfect love to fill in the gaps of our love for our beloved.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I see my relationship with my sweetheart as a ministry, a calling to share God’s love in various ways throughout the day, every day, every moment?
  2. How does my sweetheart give God’s love to me?

Strengthen your relationship:
Think of a time when you relied on God’s love to help you love someone. Share that story with your beloved. What does it teach or remind you to do in a current situation? Pray together asking the Lord to help you rely more on him than each other and to love each other more like the Lord.

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