From problems come a stronger marriage

From problems come a stronger marriageWhen our marriages suffer from a deep problem, it’s not because we had a single terrible argument. Usually, it’s the result of unhealed wounds from the past before we met our spouse, compounded over time by little problems that have never been worked on enough to reach healing and resolution.

Problems can strengthen our union with our spouse. This is God’s design for marriage. He doesn’t cause evil, but he greatly enjoys making good come from bad. (See Romans 8:28.)

We have within us the ability to make good come from every problem. We have Christ the Redeemer within us! By turning to him more deeply and fully, we can discover the path to healing and to recovery and to a stronger marriage than we’ve ever had before.

When the problem is deep, he often leads us to a counselor who gives us new tools and insights for finding our way down this path. It might be a professional therapist or a priest or spiritual director or a friend. Every marriage can benefit from this.

And it might take longer than we wish it would. Sometimes the best way to keep our union with our spouse intact is to simply hold hands because it’s the only thing left that’s keeping us together while we wait for healing and recovery.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What current problem is worrying me?
  2. How might it be rooted in unhealed wounds from long ago?

Strengthen your relationship:
Pray together for Jesus to redeem a problem by making good come from the bad. Then share with each other any ideas that come to mind about how it could happen.

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