How to handle forks in the road of love

The path we travel as a couple is strewn with complications. We face options that require decisions every day, but how do we know what’s best? Best for us as individuals? Best for us as a couple? Best for the family that God has given us or wants to give us?

Forks in the path of love - fork in roadThe most important choices occur when we face a fork in the road, because our lives can go in very different directions depending on which way we turn. Only God knows what’s ahead on each available path. Only God knows what’s best for everyone who will be affected by our decision. 

We have two partners in the decision-making process: our sweetheart and our Lord. An active, lively relationship with the Holy Spirit makes a huge difference. We benefit from seeking guidance from the Spirit of God in even the smallest decisions. Listening for the Spirit’s advice on something as mundane as what to wear is a good exercise, and the choice might make a difference when we least expect it to matter. 

Forks in the road are too life-altering to face alone. This is the time to pay very close attention to Jesus: Where is he standing as he waits to show you the way to go? Stay close! Stay very close as you begin to move forward to explore the new direction. Stay on his heels, and keep your eyes on the back of his neck as he leads you. 

God provides lots of clues about his plans for us, which are always the best plans and will lead to surprising developments, special blessings, and divine protection. And because of the graces available in the Sacrament of Marriage, God delivers his assistance through our spouse (or spouse-to-be, applying future graces to today’s situation).

When our sweetheart is praying about the decision, humbly desiring to receive God’s guidance, the Holy Spirit speaks to us through him/her. In fact, that’s God’s favorite method of delivering his guidance within marriages!

Reflection Questions:

  1. What decisions am I wrestling with or worrying about?
  2. What decisions is my beloved facing?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share the answers to the above questions. Next, surrender to Jesus your ideas about the decision(s), trusting him to know what’s best. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower the right decision(s) by energizing them with God’s presence and activities, and to reduce the appeal of the wrong (or less than the best) decision(s). Then share, as a couple, how you think God is already doing this: What clues are already evident?

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