Hidden blessings in feeling dissatisfied

leaf sproutIt’s easy to feel dissatisfied about the imperfections in our relationship with our sweetheart — unless we’re blanketing ourselves in a fantasy world of denial. There’s nothing to fear about feeling this way, though. Dissatisfaction is a blessing in disguise.

God designed us to always aspire to something new, something better, something important. It’s the fertilizer that enriches the soil of our lives. The side effect of this is that everywhere we look, we can surely find something that feels unsatisfying. (Some are better at finding it than others; think of the complainers you know.)

The reason we feel dissatisfied is the fact that we were made to live in heaven and it’s all too obvious that we’re not in heaven yet. The good news is that, being made for heaven and as baptized Christians bound for heaven, we have the divine within us. We have the God-helped ability to spread the kingdom of heaven into our world — including into our relationships.

Knowing we can improve things with the Holy Spirit’s help and the guidance of experts, prayer, therapists, acceptance of what we cannot change (thus improving our mental state), et cetera gives us courage to make things better.

It’s not healthy to ignore the feeling of dissatisfaction or pretend that the unsatisfying situation doesn’t exist. God wants us be always improving. He knows how. He has a plan. Seek first his kingdom, his plan; then dissatisfaction will evolve into the delightfulness of victory.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is most dissatisfying about my sweetheart?
  2. What might be some hidden blessings in this?

Strengthen your relationship:
Take turns with this: Beloved #1, name a shortcoming about yourself that is dissatisfying to your sweetheart. Beloved #2, describe a blessing that has come from your sweetheart’s shortcoming. (For example: If your sweetheart is a bad cook, you’ve been blessed by learning to become a good cook yourself.) Pray together asking the Holy Spirit to help you both find the joy of self-improvement.

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