Healed by God’s faithfulness: Part 2

Saint Francis de Sales

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Pope Francis asked us (June 21, 2015): “Do we believe that the Lord is faithful?”

We need to look at Jesus with eyes that are not projecting onto him what others have done. We need to look at him on the cross and realize that he is saying, “I suffered this much for you. How could I be unfaithful to you now?” We need to see him smiling at us with the radical love and resurrection power that is more than we can imagine. He so much love for us that, like a dam that bursts from holding back too much water, his love and power pours freely over us.

Because the Lord is faithful, the next question the pope asked us to consider is: “How do we live the newness of God that transforms us every day?” In our relationships with our sweetheart and our family, the faithful love of God, when we rely on it, transforms us into givers of faithful love. Our tendencies toward sin and unfaithfulness are transformed into a stronger ability to love others as he loves us.

We need to stand on the rock of God’s faithfulness. Jesus said (Matthew 7:24-25): “Everyone who hears my words and does them will be like a wise one who built his house on rock. Even when rains fell and floods came and the winds blew and beat on that house, it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.”

Pope Francis gives us a guide for strong marriages and family relationships in the midst of stormy and unhappy situations: “May the Holy Spirit help us to always be aware of this ‘rocky’ love that makes us stable and strong in the small and great sufferings. May we not close ourselves in front of difficulties, to confront life with courage and look to the future with hope. As in the Sea of Galilee, also today the sea of our existence, Jesus is he who overcomes the forces of evil and the threats of desperation.”


Reflection Questions:

  1. When am I most difficult to love? What will I do to convert this self-awareness into greater awareness of Christ’s faithful love for me?
  2. When is my beloved most difficult to love, and what will I do to respond with the faithful love of Christ?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share what you think God’s resurrection power can do — and has already done — for your relationship. Then pray together for an increase of awareness of God’s faithful love for both of you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you recollect, throughout the course of each day, his incomparable love.

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