Expect value from expectations

What are your expectations for marriage? Do you know what your sweetheart’s expectations are for your marriage?

Expectations are important to discuss at any stage of a romantic relationship and at every age. Our expectations change as we learn from life and from each other. It’s even likely that your sweetheart has some expectations that you don’t know about yet — or expectations that you don’t know as well as you think we do.

Expectations can disappoint, but that does not mean we should avoid having expectations (which is impossible, because at the very least, we are expecting disappointment).

Expectations are hopes with muscle. Expectations give us a keener awareness of opportunities that can help make a dream (or hope) come true. Awareness of opportunities, when combined with prayerful awareness of God’s desires and dreams and plans for us, empower us to act. They strengthen our resolve to invest in the hard work of productive dreaming on our way to the fulfillment of what we expect.

Expect value from expectations - bridge of expectationExpectations that have been confirmed by God give us the enthusiasm and confidence we need in order to do whatever actions will take us to the goal. They change our attitude, giving us the resilience to make it through the rough spots and the persistence to endure a long journey to the goal.

Relationship expectations aren’t demands that we place on our sweetheart. Rather, they are goals that are reached through mutual effort. They are reasons to seek out the bridges that connect us more closely to each other, increasing the likelihood of reaching the desired outcome. These bridges help us to become more aware of what’s possible as we work together toward the same goal.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I expect will happen as a result of sharing these Reflections for Couples with my sweetheart?
  2. What do I think my sweetheart expects will happen?

Strengthen your relationship:
Discuss the answers to the reflection questions above. Are there any surprises in what you each hear? Choose any goal that you share as a couple; describe the expectations that might interfere with reaching this goal (for example, expecting failure). Then pray together for the Holy Spirit’s help and guidance in achieving the goal.

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