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The dreams of lovers - dream together as a coupleIn love relationships, we’re dreamers. We dream of what marriage to our sweetheart could be in all its wonderful potential. And we expect this dream to come true. The opposite happens when relationships become difficult. Dreams seem to mock us then, turning into bitter disappointments. But it doesn’t have to go that way. 

Disappointments are opportunities to revisit dreams. Were the dreams only unrealistic ideals and fantasies? Which dreams were based on God’s dreams for us? And which dreams have been forgotten in the busyness of everyday life, dreams which, when remembered, can become energizers for renewed romance or worthy goals?

As couples, we need to spend time together, every so often, revisiting dreams and imagining new dreams. God lives in our dreams, because he is the author of imagination and hope and invention. The Holy Spirit inspires in our hearts the dreams that God has for us. And his dreams are even bigger than ours, sometimes even wilder and seemingly impossible. 

We won’t discover God’s dreams for us nor his guidance on how to make dreams come true if we respond to disappointments with our arms crossed and a scowl on our face. So give your sweetheart a hug, and as you open your arms to give the embrace, open your heart and your mind to God’s imagination.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my dreams today for my relationship with my beloved?
  2. What are my beloved’s dreams today?

Strengthen your relationship:
Discuss the dreams you have today. How much do they intersect and overlap? Tell each other why you hope the other’s dreams will come true. Then pray together, placing the other’s dreams into the hands and imagination and power of God.

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