How to avoid disappointment in marriage

imperfect avoid disappointmentNever say to your sweetheart, “You’re perfect for me!” Because it won’t take long to be proven wrong.

Marriage problems always include the feeling of disappointment. Disappointment comes from expectations that are based on a trait that came from God.

We’re designed by God to seek perfection, or to put it another way, to seek him and to seek heaven. When we realize that this is the true goal of our longing for perfection, we make it the priority it should be. And we put into proper perspective everything else. Despite the imperfections of our beloved, we see what’s amazing and wonderful. Despite life’s hardships, we see the good that they produce.

In scripture, the word “perfect” means “full, complete”. Jesus told us to love each other fully and completely, with our whole heart, our whole mind, our whole soul. We can do this! Even though we are imperfect human beings, we can be fully committed to loving our beloved. This is what empowers us to get through all the imperfections without being crushed by disappointment.

When both husband and wife are fully and completely committed to the permanence of marriage, they discover they have the ability to reach healing when — as happens at least once in every marriage — reconciliation feels impossible and divorce seems like the only way to escape from the pain of terrible and repeated disappointments.

By accepting that only God can fully satisfy us, we can turn disappointments into a stronger relationship with God and a happier relationship with our sweetheart.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What imperfections in my sweetheart bother me most?
  2. How are these really a clue about my desire to become more aware of God’s perfect love for me?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share with each other how committed you are to your relationship. What does this commitment look like? What does it feel like? How is it a reflection of God’s love? Say a prayer thanking God for his commitment to you and for his faithfulness. Then ask Jesus to heal you from all the disappointments (name them!) you’ve experienced in life. How might the Lord be leading you to the healing he wants to give you?

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  • Dorothy

    I chose not to divorce my husband of 50 Years when he told me he had been having an affair with his high school sweetheart for four years!!! It was a horrible affair !! They both think they were In love with each other, took many trips together. She was also my friend in high school. My heart was SHREDDED INTO A MILLION PIECES. Our marriage was a commitment between me, him, and God, something that can not be broken!!! It is the hardest thing I have ever suffered, and I have suffered much!!! A COVENANT IS FOR EVER, good or BAD!!! THANK YOU JESUS now my marriage has never been better, although my heart is not completely healed but one day it will be, maybe when I get to heaven. I TRUST COMPLETELY IN MY GOD!!!

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