How to celebrate your love

Celebrations lift our spirits. Can we find reasons to celebrate our relationship with our sweetheart every day? Yes, even in the toughest of times when we need the most uplifting.

Celebrating love - Marriage is a celebration of loveMarriage is a celebration that is renewed in time, in the different stages of the whole life of the spouses. More than a wedding ceremony, more than anniversaries, marriages are dynamic, ever-evolving unions that celebrate the successes of persistent love, tenacious love, fruitful love, forgiving love, problem-solving love, and the love that gets us through all of life’s ups and downs — in partnership with each other and with God.

Celebrating the end of an argument with romantic intimacy usually surpasses normal experience. Warm hugs celebrate the return of a loved one from a job or a journey. Sitting together in the morning to share prayer and spiritual reflections celebrate another new day together with the Lord.

The liturgy of the Mass is a celebration, starting with the opening hymn and culminating in an intimate union with Christ in the Eucharist. Celebrating this as a couple is a joy that binds our coupleness to the radical love of Christ — that is, when we both fully participate in the Mass. During the most difficult season that Ralph and I endured as a couple, even though we could barely speak to each other without arguing, we held hands throughout every Mass. We clung to each other in the presence of Christ even though we felt like life would be easier if we separated. This was a celebration of our wedding vows. And Jesus honored it by healing us.

Cooking a yummy meal is celebrated by dining on it together. Choosing to love when we don’t feel happy and warm toward each other is celebrated by the simplest gestures of unity, like holding hands.

What are you celebrating today?

Reflection Questions:

  1. How often do I think about the blessings we experience as a couple?
  2. How can I encourage my sweetheart to celebrate the gifts God gives us each day?

Strengthen your relationship:
Name at least 10 reasons to celebrate and turn each one into a prayer that gives thanks to God. What will else you do to celebrate them? 

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