Celebrate the milestones of your love well

Celebrating the marriage milestones well - Modica milestones

Ralph and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary a couple of years ago. Although we had been well aware that our marriage was reaching this milestone, we didn’t think about how to celebrate it until October turned into November. The problem was, we both felt so secure in our relationship that we forgot that we could enhance it by celebrating the success of it.

It’s true that any number of years (such as 1 or 39 and 41) is worth celebrating, and a year that ends with a zero has an artificial value imposed by our culture and perhaps by Hallmark Cards. But let’s face it, we need a culturally imposed reminder sometimes.

What is worth celebrating in your relationship? Every day there’s something to rejoice about. Even during rough patches in marriage. Give thanks for little things that happen in your relationship today and for the growth that takes time.

Ralph and I scurried to plan a party. We invited family and friends and enlisted the help of our daughter, Tammy, who came over with her laptop’s browser bookmarked to an online party supply store. Together we choose a color theme (I learned that the culturally-decided color for the 40th anniversary is ruby), then found matching paper plates and cups, decorations, and party favors. I had more fun than when I planned the reception of our actual wedding! Doing this with Tammy contributed to the joy of celebrating 40 years of marriage.

Afterward, Ralph fed us ice cream. And then the three of us looked at a slide show (an actual slide show with a real screen, which has yellowed over time, and an old slide projector) to revisit our first years of marriage while Tammy made selections that she’d print out and add to the party decorations.

That, too, was worth celebrating, and today I’m still thanking God for it.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What can you celebrate in your relationship today?
  2. What has your beloved done recently that you can thank him/her for?

Strengthen your relationship:
List as many things as you can think of that’s worth celebrating in your relationship with your sweetheart. Then pray together, giving God thanks for each one.

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  • Lydia

    Dear Terry and Ralph,
    Thank you for your continuous effort in sharing your insights of marriage life. It’s truly inspire and help me every day.
    I’m just crossing the 6th year of my marriage, every day is a challenge and God speaks through you every morning. The best time of my day is the 1st hour of my day with the Lord who speaks through you!

  • Gift

    Thank you Ralph and Terry Modica for this lovely sharing. Its really inspiring, and i am inspired. The footprints of a christian life leave a mark of eternity. God bless you more and more.

  • shelley

    Hi Terry, Congrats to Ralph and you on celebrating your Ruby Anniversary. Ours was in Aug and we will most likely gather family and friends to a simple meal, reminiscing our love journey some time in Dec when our children are back home for Christmas! Thanks for the reflection!

  • Marie

    I love when God sends us just what we need at the moment. Today my husband, Ralph, and I would have celebrated our 33rd anniversary. Ralph passed away 4 weeks ago after a 4 year battle with cancer. I’m celebrating our love today no matter what!

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