The bucket list of love

bucket listA “bucket list”, as it is popularly known, is the dream list of everything we’d like to do before we die. They’re not easy to do or afford or find time for. It might include an exotic place to visit, a famous person to meet, or a daring activity like skydiving.

The bucket list of love is the fulfillment of our dream to be connected with someone who cherishes us, makes us their top priority, and wants to spend the rest of their lives filling our bucket with wonderful gifts of love.

This bucket usually contains activities we do together, words of caring, snuggles on the couch, intimacy in bed, children, faith that ensures we will spend eternity together, and everything else God wants to give to us through our spouse.

But marriage relationships are never perfect. If we expect our spouses to fill our buckets and keep them full, we will always be disappointed. We need to spend time giving each other forgiveness for what’s missing, communicating what we hope for, and strategizing together what to do about it.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What’s missing from my love bucket?
  2. What’s missing from my sweetheart’s love bucket?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share your answers to the questions above, without discussion, by writing it down and exchanging the lists. Pray together, asking the Holy Spirit to inspire ideas on what to do about them. Then, choose the one item from each list that is most doable and dialog about it. How can you help your beloved receive what’s been missing? How can Jesus help? What step will you take to begin progress?

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  • Liz Chavez

    My husband and I have been looking forward to reading your new Reflections for Couples. We currently facilitate a young couples’ Small Christian Community, and know these will be a valuable asset to our study time together.

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