Body language: Sacred words of love

How sure are you right now that your beloved loves you unconditionally, faithfully, and undyingly? Does your beloved know — really and deeply know how much love you have for him/her?

Body language: Sacred words of love - Terry and Ralph in 2007During the first few years on my marriage, Ralph used to ask me after every disagreement: “Do you still love me?” My way of handling doubts about Ralph’s love for me is: “You’d better still love me, Buster, because it’s your sworn duty!”

After forty years of conversations and sticking with each other through many challenges and hardships, we don’t need to ask, “Do you still love me?” But there is still a secret doubt. 

It’s a doubt we all have. None of us are completely free of the self-criticizing idea that, because we’re imperfect, we’re unlovable. 

The more we immerse ourselves in God’s radical love for us, the more healed we become of that. This makes our relationship with our sweetheart easier. Meanwhile, because we’re not totally healed yet, it’s imperative that we communicate our love in ways that get past the doubts.

Actions speak louder than words, and this is the key to successfully conveying our love. Words only prove that we have vocal chords or fingers that can type love letters and text messages.

Scientifically speaking, women are better at reading body language than men. So, we women have to sometimes shout our non-verbals. Warm embraces that are long and tight are more convincing than “I love you”. Big gestures of joy put a bigger smile on our beloved’s face than descriptions about what made us feel joyful. And holding hands when we feel emotionally distant from each other is very powerful and reassuring.

Women need to see love in action as much as men do. The body language of love is so important that it’s sacred. This means that our sexual interactions are to be sacred, too. It also means that any ugly, abusive, or angry gestures and actions are anti-sacred, anti-love, and therefore anti-Christ. Whatever we do that conveys love is divine.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What actions have I done recently that successfully communicated my love to my beloved?
  2. What has my sweetheart done recently that showed his/her love for me?

Strengthen your relationship:
While holding hands or snuggling, take turns describing some of your favorites ways that your sweetheart has shown love. Afterward, pray together thanking God for the love he has given to your relationship, acknowledging that his love makes your love sacred and permanent.

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  • Mabel

    My husband Rey and I are Marriage Encounter/Enrichment Retreat Sharers, part of the Pastoral Team. We also follow up with the participants during the ME Class Reunions held monthly for 12 months after the Marriage Encounter to drive through the messages from the talks given.
    I just want to let you and Ralph know that your “Marriage Vocation” posts are most helpful to us and we thank you so much for these. It is our wish and prayer that our good Lord will continue to bless your sacred endeavors.

    Please Keep up the good Work .

    Remain Blessed,

    Rey and Mabel

    1. Terry Modica Post author

      Thank you, Mabel. Ralph and I have been involved with Marriage Encounter. It is part of our inspiration behind how the reflection questions are worded. We’ve wondered how M/E couples have felt about our reflections. Thank you for your feedback.

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