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Attention-getting love - couple by Claire AlgarmeIn the midst of busy schedules and outside activities, how much time do we give to our beloved for catching up on the stories of our daily happenings, our questions about the future, our faith growth, and casual conversation that makes us smile and laugh?

Sometimes, it seems that the only way to get our beloved’s attention is to represent a risk: “If you don’t listen to me, I’m going to get very upset or nasty or whiney or make you sleep on the couch.”

Ultimatums are sometimes necessary, but we don’t have to reach that place of desperation. We can avoid it by making it a priority to have discussions and personal sharings each day. Spending time together in these Good News Ministries Reflections for Couples is a great start, but if it’s the only sharing time you have during the day, it had better last more than 5 minutes!

We want our beloved to feel safe with us. We undermine that when we neglect to make opportunities for peaceful discussions, letting potential problems or misunderstandings escalate. This might seem obvious, but maybe there’s something about our behaviors or tone of voice that’s not obvious to us. Let’s pay attention to what we do to attract our beloved’s attention. How often do we sound whiny? Or angry? Or frustrated? Or like we’re anticipating a lack of attention?

Greater awareness is the first and most important step in becoming the person we really want to be — someone safe, someone who interests our sweethearts so much that getting his/her attention is easy.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I feel when I want my sweetheart’s undivided attention but I don’t get it?
  2. How easy is it for my sweetheart to interrupt me and get my undivided attention?

Strengthen your relationship:
Pray together to Jesus as  your Playful Friend, asking him to help you plan a romantic date or getaway. Make it an event that provides to for catching up on stories about what’s been happening in each of your daily lives. If problems have been causing tension, make this getaway a problem-free safe zone by focusing on the stories that are easy to talk about. Save the problem-solving discussion for a time beyond that, after first enjoying what’s good about your relationship.

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