Are you your beloved’s cheerleader?

Be your beloved's number one cheerleaderWhen your beloved sets a goal that seems impossible, do you (a) try to help your sweetheart devise a better plan, (b) feel jealous, or (c) become your sweetheart’s number one cheerleader? Or (d) pray about it and ask the Holy Spirit to help you both discern whether the goal was inspired by God?

Jealousy, even small twinges of it, means we need to work on our spiritual growth, become better at seeing how special we are to God, and get some inner healing from past experiences that had blocked our own goals. And meanwhile, we’d better show our beloved some colorful cheerleading to suppress our green envy.

Usually, “impossible” goals do need revisions. However helping our sweetheart devise a better plan is most fruitful only after praying about it and then cheerleading our beloved into greater confidence.

We must never assume that we know how it’s going to turn out. Only God knows the worthiness of a goal. Only God knows where the path of a goal will lead. And even if your beloved’s goal is a mistake, even when it’s likely to create more problems than it fixes, if both of you are praying for God’s guidance, the Holy Spirit will nudge your spirits into avoiding disaster and in making good come from errors. In God’s economy, nothing we do is ever wasted. Good always comes from everything we attempt as long as we’re open to what the Holy Spirit is telling us.

[For help with this, use our Paracletia video course on “How to Hear the Holy Spirit“. Do it with your beloved for optimum benefit. Go to for more information.]

Remember, the word “cheerleader” begins with a great attitude (cheerful) and ends with “leader”, which means that your role includes using leadership skills to rally others into becoming supportive of your sweetheart’s plans to accomplish the goal.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What goal do I have for which I’d like more support from my sweetheart?
  2. What goal does my sweetheart have that seems difficult to achieve? What can I do today to serve as a cheerleader in this?

Strengthen your relationship:
Name some important goals and pray together, asking for the Father’s will to be done with them. Ask Jesus to go ahead of you and open doors of opportunity. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. After praying, what ideas come to mind? In the hours and days ahead, watch for clues, like scriptures coming to your attention that encourage or dissuade you from the goal, Christian music that empowers you, and even messages from the secular world that help fine tune your methods of achieving the goal.

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