Adventures in love

“We need to do something fun together!”

Adventures in love - adventure togetherLife is so full of tasks and agendas and other time commitments that there’s a danger of running out of energy and opportunity to have a shared activity that makes us laugh and feel good enjoying life together.

The more stressful our circumstances are, the more necessary it is to break away on adventures with our beloved.

Eating out and going to movies doesn’t count as an adventure. We need to do something that causes interaction. Relationships thrive when we are active together, not passively sitting together being entertained.

A shared interest with our beloved is companionship that cannot be matched by any other relationship. It nourishes the playful side that God designed all of us to have when he created us and called us his “children”. It restores our stamina for everything else we face. And it unites us in joy while reinforcing our coupleness.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What hobbies and interests do I have that brings joy to my life?
  2. What hobbies and interests does my sweetheart have, which I could also enjoy?

Strengthen your relationship:
If you already have a shared activity that brings joy to your relationship, talk about why you like doing it with your beloved. If you do not currently have such an activity, brainstorm ideas. Pray together asking for the Holy Spirit’s inspiration of playfulness and adventure. Then research online looking for clubs or adult education classes you’d both enjoy. Ask friends what they do for fun and join them.

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