The power of the hug

The power of the hug - when push comes to shoveThere’s an old cliché about decision-making and breakthroughs: “When push comes to shove….”

In life, it’s beneficial to realize that when we reach difficult moments, we can push and shove our way through the challenges to reach an important breakthrough. This however has the opposite effect in love relationships.

Pushing can be motivational only when your beloved has asked for your help in accomplishing something, and even with that permission, we can only push so hard before it backfires.

Shoving is worse. It causes people to stumble or to smack their heads against a brick wall.

Pushing and shoving both drive a person away from us. The secret to success in getting through difficult moments in a love relationship is to pull the other person closer in. A hug does this.

We already know the value of giving the gift of a hug. Now, push yourself to hug when you least feel like hugging. Hugging in the midst of an unresolved argument is a surprising response. And the surprise of it can halt bad feelings instantly.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I feel when my beloved hugs me while I’m going through a difficult time?
  2. Do I hug my beloved often enough?

Strengthen your relationship:
Stop what you’re doing right now and hug! Linger in this embrace for at least 30 seconds without leading to anything else – and enjoy having nothing on the agenda but this hug. And, while still hugging, pray for one another (out loud).

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