New Year’s Resolution: Study the gift of marriage

What would happen if the Church (including your local parish) spent twice as much time and money on providing faith formation for couples — for future marriages and current ones — as it does on the religious education of children? It could change the world! It could empower parents to become so good at evangelizing their children, the parish program for children would be easier and more effective.

Studying the gift of marriage - Beloved DVD set by SymbolonMarriage is the most significant, life-altering thing we do. If marriage were a job we are hired to do, we’d go get a college degree to grasp all of the nuances that make success possible. And we’d need continual on-the-job training, because life keeps throwing new challenges into the marriage.

But how much effort do we put into studying the gift of marriage? Isn’t our happiness and our sweetheart’s happiness and the children’s happiness worth putting our own time and money into it?

As we begin the new year, let’s commit to making marriage to our sweetheart our highest priority, learning new skills for its success, and gaining deeper understanding of what the Vocation of Marriage really means.

The Church provides some opportunities for enhancing marriage. Books and online teachings are readily available, such as Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body:

The DVD set Beloved is well worth its price:

Conferences and retreats for couples can be found, and these should be a top priority for the new year, even if it means traveling a distance to get there.

What would happen if lots of couples asked their priests and Directors of Religious Education for more faith formation events for couples and parents? If enough ask for it, it would be provided! And lives would be changed. And then society would be influenced by the increase of successful, Christ-centered marriages and their children who grow up to become Christ-centered spouses and parents.

How about telling your priest about the Good News Ministries retreats for couples, called Radical Love?

So now we’ve identified another New Year’s Resolution: Get vocal about the need for more marriage enrichment in your parish. Get involved to make it happen.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Other than using these Reflections for Couples, what else have I done to learn more about marriage?
  2. What do I wish my spouse would learn for improving our relationship and family life?

Strengthen your relationship:
Devise a plan for learning something new that will enhance your romance and your relationship. Pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit in finding opportunities to learn more about the Vocation of Marriage. Pray for boldness and the persistence needed to bring marriage enrichment programs into your parish.

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