Love at first sight

Terry & Ralph in 1975

When did you fall in love? How did it happen? How did God reveal that this was the person to marry?

There’s no such thing as “love at first sight” because we cannot commit our hearts fully in love to someone we do not know.

Some couples date for a long time; they fall in love but delay or even avoid the commitment of marrying. They keep their times together friendly and as stress-free as possible. Busy lives, with a greater emphasis on careers than on the relationship, protect them from getting to know each other’s shortcomings and discovering the irritations that would force a decision to abandon the relationship or commit to it.

These couples miss opportunities to get to know each other well enough to choose love.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How well do you know your beloved’s shortcomings?
  2. Do I feel safe letting my beloved see my faults and shortcomings?

Strengthen your relationship:
Reassure each other how unconditionally you love each other, no matter what faults you see. End your dialog with a prayer, taking turns asking the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see more clearly how much you are loved.

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