Life on the River: Part 4

The Fourth Project: Strengthen communication

Life On The River

As you float down the river, keep a communication rope attaching you to your beloved. This attachment must be (a) physically and emotionally safe, (b) mutually respectful, and (c) appropriately open.

If the rope is not safe, it’s time to disconnect and tie up to professional help. Ideally, both of you will connect to the same source of help.

When the rope is used for lashing or controlling, it’s time to let it rest peacefully on the surface of the river. Let go of it. Grasping onto it will pull it too tight. Trust that your love will keep you tied together.

Too little communication or too much communication are both damaging. Not every communication is appropriate at every time. Seek the Lord’s help in being a better listener, in finding the right words to speak and in using the right tone of voice.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How would I rate my communication with my sweetheart?
  2. What are my favorite ways that my beloved communicates with me?

Strengthen your relationship:
Collaborate on a plan for enhancing communication. Then end with a prayer, praising God for all that is good in your relationship with each other.

Note: We are all on the river that is life. We do not control the river – Almighty God does! … At times the river can be challenging and frustrating. At times it can be difficult and painful, sometimes frightening and discouraging. And yet, the river also provides us with comfort and joy, solace and hope – strength! Our purpose is to go with the flow of the river and, with God’s help, gracefully respond to whatever it presents us on the journey. (Quoted from Frederick Lue, M.Ed., L.M.F.T., Marriage and Family Therapist)

When we see our relationships this way, we can gain new perspectives. This post is Part 4 of a 4-part series based on Dr. Lue’s four projects on the river for improving our lives and relationships.

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