Life on the River: Part 1

We are all on the river that is life. We do not control the river – Almighty God does!

Life On The RiverThe river is awesome, mysterious, unpredictable, and always changing.

At times the river can be challenging and frustrating. At times it can be difficult and painful, sometimes frightening and discouraging. And yet, the river also provides us with comfort and joy, solace and hope – strength!

Our purpose is to go with the flow of the river and, with God’s help, gracefully respond to whatever it presents us on the journey.

(Quoted from Frederick Lue, M.Ed., L.M.F.T., Marriage and Family Therapist)

When we see our relationships this way, we can gain new perspectives. This post and the next three are based on Dr. Lue’s four projects on the river for improving our lives and relationships.

The First Project: Get unstuck

When you find yourself stuck in a bad place on the river – physically, mentally, or spiritually – seek out and accept help from others and, at the same time, stand ready to offer help to each other.

Sometimes we find ourselves or our beloved caught in a whirlpool of spinning negativity, anger, or stress, in danger of drowning. It looks hopeless. But someone has a rope to toss that’s worth hanging onto. Use it.

Do whatever it takes to get unstuck.

Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways do I feel stuck?
  2. What lifeline is Jesus trying to give me (through your spouse, through scripture or other reading material, or through a friend or priest or therapist)?

Strengthen your relationship:
Name how you are stuck in a bad place. Tell your beloved what you’re afraid will happen if being stuck continues. End with a shared prayer asking for help from Jesus.

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