The genuflection of love

Mary Magdalene geneflecting at the feet of JesusMary Magdalene and her friend (“the other Mary”), who had been with her when they discovered that Jesus had risen from the dead, joyfully embraced the feet of Jesus when he appeared to them (see Matthew 28:9). It was a genuflection of love.

When we encounter Jesus in the form of the bread-like Host at church, we bow, we genuflect, and we kneel. This, too, is a gesture of love.

The Vocation of Marriage includes the calling to recognize the presence of Jesus in our spouse. We honor that presence whenever we offer gestures of love to our spouse. The love we give to Jesus enhances the love we give to our spouse, and the love we give to our spouse is a reflection of the love we have for Jesus.

Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways do I “genuflect” or “embrace the feet” of my beloved?
  2. How does this honor the presence of Jesus within him/her?

Strengthen your relationship:
Write a love letter that begins with: “I know that Jesus is alive within you because….” After exchanging the love letters and reading them, tell each other what you liked about it. When you’re finished, pray, thanking Jesus for his love that fills your heart with love for each other.

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