God touches us every day – like sticky cereal

observantAll of us are unobservant about some things in our lives. How often does God touch us and we fail to notice because we’re distracted?

When my son, David, was a little lad, he liked to play Mr. Observant Detective. But he failed to notice the cereal stuck on his face. He was oblivious to the particles of matter in his immediate universe. When he drank, he didn’t get a milk mustache — he got a clown face. And unlike other kids who think sleeves make fine napkins, David preferred to let the milk dry into something reminiscent of bleached eczema.

I suspect David’s problem was due to the way his mind works. Food on his face was less important to him than the events of life around him. He failed to feel his milk mouth because he was preoccupied with feeling his reactions to life and the emotions of others.

While there is nothing wrong with being tuned into the happenings and people around us, we miss something important if it keeps us from tuning into God’s touch.

He touches us every day with little miracles. He gives us hugs and congratulatory pats on the back. He strokes us when we feel depressed. He lifts us up when we stumble. He holds our hands when we stroll down a street and admire the flowers. He wipes our tears and he kisses our aches.

But do we notice? Maybe we don’t believe God cares that much about us, like a kid who doesn’t really believe a face has to be clean to look good. Maybe we need to remind ourselves that God proved he does indeed care – the proof is His sacrifice on the cross.

Although David was unobservant about food particles, but he was not unobservant about the touch of God. One of his favorite sayings as a child was, “Miracles happen every day!”

Reflection question for family discussion:
What are some distractions that keep us from thinking about God and paying attention to what he is doing and how much he cares?

Pray together:
Lord Jesus, thank you for caring about even the littlest things that happen to us, the ideas we have, the dreams we hope to fulfill, our sufferings and what makes us happy. Help us to remember to pay attention to You every moment of every day.

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© 2017 by Terry Modica of Good News Ministries

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