What can we do with all these Christmas cards?

Christmas cardsI don’t have time to write and send Christmas cards this year. Last year I sent Christmas cards via bulk email. It’s a priority issue. Would anyone notice that amidst the many cards received there is nothing from my family? I doubt it. Do I remember who did and who didn’t send me a card last year? Nope. My real concern is the question of what to do with the cards that people do spend time and postage to deliver to my mailbox. They are gifts. They are too precious to relegate to a the trash can.

For a few years, I was clever enough to convert them into tree decorations. Now they just pile into a little wooden sleigh with which I decorate a curio table. The idea is that everyone walking by will stop, pull out the newest cards that have been added, read them with delight and remark about the loving people who sent them. Of course, no one does. And yet I hate to toss them into the trash.

The biggest challenge comes after Christmas. It still doesn’t seem right to throw them away, so I save them in a shoebox, year after year jamming more in. The collection grows, but still I have no idea what to do with them. Surely we’ll think of something some decade.

I’m sending you my Christmas card, ye good and faithful readers, printed right here on this webpage so you don’t have to feel bad about throwing out a card that has a pretty picture on the front. But if you print it out, I hope you feel bad about using it to kindle the flames in your fireplace or line the bottom of your bird’s cage. (Just kidding. I know how birds enjoy pretty pictures of the baby Jesus.)

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My Christmas card to you

If I could give you any gift this Christmas, I’d like to give you the gift of angels. May they minister to you when you are troubled or sad. May they fight off evil and carry you deeper into the Kingdom of God.

I’d like to give you the gift of eagles’ wings. May they lift you up when you fall and raise you to new heights. May they shield you from the heat of the day and protect you as you grow.

I’d like to give you the gift of the two-edged sword of the Spirit. May you use it to divide good from evil and may it reveal to you what is truth and what is deception.

I’d like to give you the gift of the mustard seed. May faith be planted deep in your heart and grow to produce the largest of fruits. May it also move the mountains in your life.

I’d like to give you the gift of the Wise Men. May you, too, recognize the star God wants you to follow and may the Wise Men lead you anew to the destination where the Savior resides.

I’d like to give you the gift of prayer. May you experience the closeness of God, hear his voice, know his guidance and receive the answers to every request in accordance with his generous love.

Most of all, I long to give you the gift of the Christ-child, for it is through Jesus that all the other gifts are possible. May you grow in relationship with him throughout the new year.

Reflection question for family discussion:
What special way can we display our Christmas cards this year?

Pray together:
Lord Jesus, help us to always remember that You are the greatest gift of all. Come, Holy Spirit, and help us to give each other the gift of Jesus.

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  • Jeanette RocchioWhitlatch

    Here’s a suggestion of what to do with used Christmas Cards:


    Please cut off the decorative front of Christmas cards you receive and mail them to:
    St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, Recycled Card Program
    100 St. Jude’s Street
    Boulder City, NV 89005

    Abused children living at the Ranch re-cycle these into new cards.

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