The Winning Story

Karen Botte and her parents - BelovedKaren Botte is the winner of the “Beloved” contest! She wrote about her parents’ marriage and the influence it has had for her own marriage.

When Karen learned that she had won the contest, she said, “I’m so honored to have been chosen. My husband and I are involved with Retrouvaille, and I was hoping to win the Beloved DVD set to use in that ministry.”

Her purpose for submitting an entry to the contest made the staff of Good News Ministries very glad that she had participated and won. It’s fun when it becomes obvious that God is working a plan bigger than anything we had imagined. The blessing of the parents’ marriage blessed their daughter’s marriage and is now blessing troubled marriages — and the DVDs that Good News Ministries provided are multiplying the blessings!

Read her winning story now ….


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