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By Terry Modica, Director of Good News Ministries

Ralph and Terry Modica in 2015Why am I writing “Reflections for Couples”? Ralph and I were high school sweethearts. We wedded in 1975 in the Presbyterian church where my dad was the pastor. Five years later, we asked the Catholic Church to bless our marriage. By then, I had become Catholic and Ralph had returned to the Catholic faith of his upbringing, but it required divine intervention to help us understand the Catholic Church’s teachings about the Sacrament of Marriage.

We first heard the calling to minister to couples many years ago. We’ve served on Pre-Cana marriage preparation teams and in our diocese’s Marriage Encounter weekends. We’ve given retreats for married couples. And we lead by example, because over the years, we have faced and persevered through difficult challenges that threatened the stability of our own marriage.

We have learned that God can heal broken hearts and overcome divisions in marriage as long as both husband and wife follow Christ. We believe this as a fact, beyond all doubt, because Ralph and I have personally experienced it.

Our website on The Vocation of Marriage is designed to deepen couples’ personal relationships with Christ’s Holy Spirit, who is the source of love and the empowerer of love, to increase awareness of what the Vocation of Marriage really is, and to enhance and strengthen marriages in a world that has become, in many ways, destructive of marriages.

Ralph and I spent the year 2014 sharing a book of reflections to give our marriage good, faith-filled dialogues. When the book was done, we looked for another book we could use to do the same thing, but we didn’t find anything that suited us.

Since 1999, I’ve been writing and sending out daily reflections on the readings from the Catholic Mass. Many people have told me of the difference this has made in their lives. So, we decided that I should use this same talent to write Reflections for Couples. Best used by couples (dating or married) for faith-growing, relationship-building dialogs, they include a thought-provoking question or prayer.

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This website aims to celebrate the joys of marriage and family life and to provide the Lord’s comforting, healing, guiding words about overcoming problems in marriage. Posts will provide inspiration and ideas for deepening the love between couples through the supernatural love of God, which can and does work miracles.

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  • dylbrd1

    Recently my son and his girlfriend came to us asking for our blessing in their commitment to each other and plans to one day marry. As they are high school sweethearts as well I have my concerns for their future and prayed for direction in helping them continue to strengthen their relationship and deepen their understanding of a Christ-centered relationship. Seeing this post this morning was an answered prayer and I look forward to future posts both for myself and husband but for our son as well!

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