The Power of Sacramental Vows

The Power of Sacramental Vows - Terry & Ralph celebrate 40 years of marriageLast Saturday (Nov. 28), Ralph and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with friends and family. The high point of the festivities was the renewal of our vows.

Our daughter, Tammy, gave us a wedding cake that looked very similar to our first wedding cake. The roses on the bottom layer were ruby red instead of the original pink, because ruby red is the color that symbolizes the richness of 40 years of marriage.
Ralph and Terry cut the wedding cake

Fifteen years ago, when we celebrated our 25th anniversary, we renewed our wedding vows three times: during a Marriage Encounter retreat, and in the Holy Land during a pilgrimage for our second honeymoon, and in our parish church with our local community. I guess the Lord thought we could benefit from doing it three times, because we had been making our way through the roughest years of our relationship. It reminded me of when Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love Me?”

By the grace of God, supplied through the sacrament that is marriage intimately and powerfully united to Christ, our love has grown stronger and deeper. Forty years is a wonderful anniversary to reach!

Watch the video of our recent renewal of vows. Watch it with your sweetheart, listening for the power of Christ that is released by the prayers of the priest (Fr. Curtis Carro). Do you have a video of your wedding or a renewal of your vows? If you do, watch it again and listen for that power of Christ in your own ceremony.

The words of commitment that we give to and receive from our spouse are just words, easily forgotten under stress, unless they are empowered and supported by God.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How has the commitment you’ve made to your sweetheart gotten you through a difficult time?
  2. How has your beloved’s commitment to you been revealed?

Strengthen your relationship:
Discuss this together: How does Christ’s commitment to your marriage affect your relationship?

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