Pope Francis: Hope for families

For families: The richest, deepest and most beautiful things are yet to come.

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And this story [of the wedding at Cana, found in John 2:1-11] began because “they had no wine”. It could all be done because a woman – the Virgin Mary – was attentive, left her concerns in God’s hands and acted sensibly and courageously.

But there was something else: everyone went on to enjoy the finest of wines. And this is the good news: the finest wines are yet to be tasted, the most wonderful, the most beautiful; for families. The richest, deepest and most beautiful things are yet to come. The time is coming when we will taste love daily, when our children will come to appreciate the home we share, and our elderly will be present each day in the joys of life. The finest of wines will come for every person who stakes everything on love. And it will come in spite of all the variables and statistics which say otherwise; the best wine is yet to come for those who today feel hopelessly lost.

Say it until you are convinced of it: the best wine is yet to come. Say it in your hearts. Whisper it to the hopeless and the loveless. God always seeks out the peripheries, those who have run out of wine, those who drink only of discouragement. Jesus feels their weakness, in order to pour out the best wines for those who, for whatever reason, feel that all their jars have been broken.

As Mary invites us, let us “do what he tells us” and be thankful that in this, our time and our hour, the new wine, the finest wine, will make us recover the joy of being a family, the joy of living within a family.

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