The Five Wounds of Christ in the Family

Jesus is still suffering the wounds of his Passion. In family life, we can see five ways that we are still crucifying Jesus.

Crucifixion of Christ1. The thorn-pierced head: afflictions against the man’s manly role in the family as the priest of the domestic church, through which he is called and required to be the spiritual leader of the family, taking them to Mass and other opportunities for faith growth, interceding daily for each one’s needs, making sacrifices not only by working hard to support the family but also by placing his wife’s needs and children’s needs above his own, taking the primary responsibility of discerning the Father’s will for his family’s daily decisions, and protecting them from evil.

2. The nailed right hand: afflictions against the woman’s feminine role as nurturer, help-mate for her husband, and mother caring for the family and implementing God’s plans for the family. This cannot be done as well as God intends if she is too busy working a job outside the home or doing other activities that the world says is more important to her well-being than family togetherness.

3. The nailed left hand: weaknesses that drop the shield that’s meant to protect the family from onslaughts that diminish God’s family values, including entertainment media that glorify sex outside the bonds of marriage and social pressures to accept and absorb the glorification of homosexuality.

4: The nailed feet: self-centered activities, addictions (especially pornography and lust), and self-focused agendas that prevent the family from moving forward in love and in God’s world-changing purposes for each member of the family and for the family as a whole.

5. The sword-pierced heart: lies and deceptions from the world’s moral relativism, which destroys relationships with each other within the family and with God who loves us through the human touch of the family. God places the truth in our hearts, reinforced by scripture and Church teachings, but we hurt the heart of family life by replacing the truth with whatever false substitutes satisfy our rebellious desires to make up our own rules about what is right and what’s not Godly (same sex marriages, for example).

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