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Radical Love: Reflections for Couples can be downloaded free!
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donate Good News Ministries provides individuals at no charge many faith-building materials. Your support will help keep this ministry going.

sample ebook pageWe are making it available at no charge in order to encourage as many people as possible to share it with as many people as possible. It’s the foundation of a special project that will impact marriages around the world. Our Radical Love project takes what’s good in other marriage enrichment programs and carries it to the next level with a focus on evangelization within relationships. It will save marriages, give newlyweds better footing, and inspire happily married couples to grow closer to Christ while enriching their closeness with each other. It’s a counter-cultural antidote for the gay marriage agenda and the deterioration of family values.

Phase One of this project was to start this website, which was accomplished successfully in February 2015.

Phase Two of this project is to make as many people as possible aware of and excited about what is on that website, the keystone of which are the daily postings of Reflections for Couples that we want tens of thousands of people to subscribe to. With your help, we can accomplish this goal!

Phase Three is the launching of Radical Love marriage enrichment retreats and workshops for parish teams that want to give their own retreats. People are already asking us where to find a retreat to attend, and the only thing we can tell them now is to wait. (NOTE: Parishes can book now for a Radical Love retreat or parish mission.) You can see on such parish retreat here.

Please feel free to share this link with your friends and family. You can be a BIG help in getting this distributed widely.

Spreading the ebook of Reflections for Couples is the best way to build a foundation for launching the program when it’s ready. And meanwhile, everyone who signs up early in the process will begin benefiting from this ministry right away!

You don’t need to have had a successful marriage to be able to help others have a great marriage. If you believe in God’s design for marriage …..

make a list of:

  • Priests you know.
  • Deacons you know.
  • Leaders and team members of Marriage Encounter, Engaged Encounter, Pre-Cana, and other existing marriage enrichment programs.
  • Staff members in your parish who are involved with married or engaged couples (for example, the RCIA director; and who else?).
  • Engaged couples you know.
  • Married couples you know.
  • Divorced people you know who hope to someday have a happy marriage.
  • Young adults you know who come from divorced parents and have no role models for a successful marriage.

If you can use this ebook, God bless you with it! Enrich your relationship: 52 reflections for couples, one for each week of the year, include dialog questions for sweethearts.



  • Levi Chirwa

    I been reading the posts occasionally on my handset, but i want to share with others the advise that not only for our benefit as a family but also others.
    Its good work and very helpful and continue sharing.

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