Difficult, but do-able!

Difficult, but do-able! - Pope Francis on parenthood

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Although Pope Francis spoke to separated parents about loving their children, all of us have contributed, in varying degrees, to a society that favors personal careers and preferences over children and God’s design for marriage and family. Is there something in what Pope Francis says here that should send us to the Sacrament of Confession before we go to Mass this weekend? If so, then we have a blessed opportunity to contribute to the kingdom of God and his reign of healing love. The conversion of the world starts with us.

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“It is difficult for parents to educate their children when they see them only in the evening, when they return home tired from work – those who have the good fortune of having work! It is even more difficult for separated parents, who are weighed down by their condition: poor souls, they have had difficulties, they have separated  and so often the child is taken as hostage and the father speaks badly to him of his mother and the mother speaks badly to him of the father, and so much harm is done.

But I say to separated parents: never, never, never take the child as hostage! You have separated because of many difficulties and motives, life has given you this trial, but the children must not bear the weight of this separation, they must not be used as hostages against the other spouse. They must grow hearing the mother speak well of the father, even though they are not together, and the father speaking well of the mother. For separated parents this is very important and very difficult, but they can do it.”

~ Pope Francis, May 20, 2015


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