Together we make the world a better place

An apostle is a disciple of Jesus who has been sent into the world to continue his mission.

What is your apostolate? Simply put, it is the use of whatever God gives you (talents, funds, skills, wisdom gained from experience, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, etc.) to make this world a better place by serving as Christ’s hands, feet, and voice.


For the married, it is first lived out in the home, which we also call the Domestic Church. It is the calling to use what God gives you to bring Christ more fully into the marriage and, expanding into ever-fuller love, it is the calling to have children and to give the world the next generation of apostles.

Secondly, for the married, it is lived out in the world where you work, play, and worship — in places where you meet others. Your marriage and family life is a testimony about God’s love, and the world desperately needs to see and learn from it.

For laity who are not married, you, too, have a calling to carry Christ into the world. Your devotion to Christ is a testimony and your love for serving others, with Christ working through you, is a tremendous gift to the world that will make a difference.

For priests and consecrated men and woman, the pope says it better than I can: “No moment belongs to them. [Their attitude must be] I am here to serve, to serve in what I must do, to serve in front of the Tabernacle, praying for my people, praying for my work, for the people God has entrusted to me.”

The apostolates of the clergy empower the apostolates of the consecrated and the laity. And all of us are collaboratively called to do all we can to make the world a better place as we journey through it on the way to heaven.

It is true for all of us:

“God chose me, he took me out. For what? To serve … to serve and not do anything else. And to serve when we are tired. And serve when we are fed up with people.” (Pope Francis, July 8, 2015)

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