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A digest of curated statements by Pope Francis about marriage and family life, with a little added commentary to help bring it home for you.

The power of a praying couple

“No Christian community can go forward without being supported by persistent prayer! Prayer is the encounter with God, with God who never lets us down; with God who is faithful to his word; with God who does not abandon his children. Jesus asked himself: ‘And will not God vindicate his elect, who cry to him day and night?’ (Luke 18:7).  In prayer, believers express their faith and their trust, and God reveals his closeness.” (Pope Francis, June 28, 2015)

praying - couple in prayer, by Marianne Arthur

Excerpt of artwork by Marianne Arthur

A marriage in Christ is the Christian community of the home, which begins with two lovers and grows with children.  As Pope Francis so aptly points out, without prayer we cannot go forward successfully and in the fullness of what God wants for us.

Private prayer centers us on Christ. Praying together as a couple brings strength and healing and spiritual direction to the relationship. Family prayer evangelizes the children.

Ralph and I nurture our bond of love and strengthen our relationship through a morning ritual of reading together from a spiritual, Christ-centered book or from the readings of daily Mass. We reflect on the readings and share whatever comes to mind about how the message applies to us or helps us or serves as Jesus speaking to us. Day by day, our relationship grows from doing this. One of the fruits of this activity is the ministry of producing these Reflections for Couples.

Prayer is not just a heartfelt message that we lift up to God; it’s a conversation with God. Often he speaks to us through our sweetheart. Are we open to this?

Prayer is also the Christ-centered conversation that we have with our sweetheart to help us become happier, holier people. This kind of prayer opens us up to God’s love and his will and his dreams for us.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I feel when I pray with my beloved?
  2. How do I think my beloved feels when we pray together?

Strengthen your relationship:
Discuss the kinds of prayers you do together (grace before eating, at Mass, informally, formally, spontaneously, planned, etc. ). How meaningful are these prayers? Why? How could they become more meaningful? Finish this conversation with a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for the gift of prayer that you have in your couple relationship.

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