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God’s humor helps us trust his timing

God's timingI think somebody forgot to give God his new calendar.

The Committee of Angels in Charge of Calendars must have spent all their time sleeping — you know, the team that was supposed to collect the new year’s edition of the Calendar of Cute and Cuddly Kittens and similar calendars depicting God’s creations, and then choose between these and calendars filled with photos of Famous Stained Glass Windows in Unknown Places — because obviously they forgot to give God his calendar. And now God is just guessing about what day it is.

I came to this conclusion one fine spring morning when it snowed on my daffodils in the middle of New Jersey. This particular day happened to be The Day Before Easter.

Clearly, somebody made a mistake.

But then again, there is always the possibility that God knew exactly what day it was and he was just looking for some fun. He probably gets bored waiting for us to get around to humbling ourselves for whatever he wants to do with us next.

God may have made it snow for pure entertainment, to watch our faces as we sleepily opened our bedroom curtains in the morning and suddenly gasped at the discovery that white flakes were falling all over our anticipation of warmer weather.

He’s done it before — often, come to think of it.

I remember while it snowed on the Actual First Day of Spring. Just as we prepared to celebrate the end of winter. Hah, hah. Funny timing, God. (Now you know why we moved to Florida.)

My daughter, Tammy, was born nine days late. That’s a novena of impatience and torture. Ralph and I had been sure that she would arrive early. Hah, hah again.

When our family attended Easter Vigil Mass in a blanket of snow, the readings included one of God’s favorite punch lines: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways are not my ways.” How many times have I prayed for God’s help and he forgot to check his calendar? His timing was so far off that I doubted he even listened to my prayers.

That’s God’s modus operandi. He likes to drive home the point that it’s not we who solve our problems. When we pray for his help, he takes over the timing. He wants us to realize that each time good things happen to us, it’s because he has worked another miracle.

Reflection questions for family discussion:

  1. What are some examples in our own lives of thinking that God’s timing is off?
  2. What can we do to increase our trust in God’s timing?

Pray together:
Dear Lord, make us more aware of Your perfect timing in the little things that occur throughout the day. Help us to recognize You in the “coincidences” that happen, for they are really signs of Your involvement in the details of our lives. Use them to increase our trust in Your timing of the big issues.

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