Gratification now or later? How to know what’s best

calendarview - gratificationDespite living in a culture that values instant gratification, quick fixes, and fast food meals, we are often seduced into delaying the difficult or uncomfortable. Putting off till “later” is all too easy. This can lead to regrets that last a lifetime. It’s therefore good to take to prayer every decision about timing. 

First, we need to become more conscious of the “laters” we normally choose so quickly that we don’t even realize we’ve made a decision. 

“This disagreement with my sweetheart is ruining our fun together, so I’ll explain my viewpoint another day.”

“I don’t know how to fix this problem and my beloved doesn’t seem interested in fixing it. Hopefully he’ll (she’ll) change and it will all work out.”

“Now is not an ideal time to have children.”

God’s timing is always perfect, and we can trust him in this.

“Lord, should I go to the grocery store now or wait until my sweetheart gives input about what to buy?”

“Lord, is my sweetheart too emotional right now to collaboratively seek a problem’s solution with me? Should I say something now or wait till he (she) has calmed down?”

“Lord, should we use birth control (the holy way, of course: Natural Family Planning) or simply let You decide if and when conception occurs?”

Only God knows what’s best for us and for all who will be affected by our decisions. Every decision about timing needs to have the Holy Spirit in the middle of it.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is on the schedule for today? Have I prayed about it? Have I collaborated with my beloved on it?
  2. What is my beloved delaying? Have I sought the wisdom of the Holy Spirit about whether or not this delay is good and what I should say about it?

Strengthen your relationship:
Name a shared goal that you have that will nurture the closeness between you. Together, pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance on the next step to make toward that goal. Then discuss a decision of timing you’re facing for today’s needs. Pray together for God to be in charge of its timing. What does praying bring to mind?

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