Enthusiasm’s effect on love

The type of energy we put into our relationship with our beloved determines how happy we’ll be in that relationship. It becomes self-fulfilling.

enthusiasm in loveWhen we interact, if we enter the encounter with enthusiasm even before the other person gives us a reason to feel joyful, we set an atmosphere of joy that’s contagious. On the other hand, if we arrive with a scowl from remembering why we’re upset with the other person, we set the stage for infectious unpleasantness.

It’s a choice.

It’s your choice. Don’t depend on your beloved to make the choice for you. That’s giving away control — the control over your own behavior that really only you can own.

This choice affects what will happen next. It’s at the heart of what it takes to make every interaction with your beloved a loving one.

The word “enthusiasm” comes from Greek and means “in God” (en theos). When we approach our beloved with enthusiasm for our relationship, we bring God’s Radical Love into the encounter. Then, even trials become blessings and disagreements become healthy, productive discussions.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I feel enthusiastic about in our relationship?
  2. What blessings might come out of a difficulty that we’re currently facing?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share with each other what the word “enthusiasm” means to you. What does it feel like? Are you aware of being “in God” while you’re enthusiastic? Why or why not? End the discussion with a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to increase your enthusiasm.

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