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A well-balanced love

A spouse is the most beloved, second only to God, of all relationships, the most important, and the highest priority.

A well-balanced love - Ralph & Terry Modica in 1976

Ralph & Terry Modica in 1976

 This is the radical love, the root-level source of enduring love, that the scripture verses of Ephesians 5 are based on. The radical love of marriage includes knowing that your spouse dies to all else when he or she looks at you and interacts with you. And you die to all else when you look at and interact with your spouse.

We do this imperfectly, of course, and mostly the fault lies in getting out of balance.

Here is priority list for keeping a well-balanced life:

  1. God always comes first. Our relationship with him empowers and trains all else.
  2. Our spouse.
  3. Our children if they are not yet adults.
  4. Our jobs.
  5. Our recreation that restores our energies for everything above.
  6. Our volunteer work.

A well balanced life has time for all of these. And when decisions need to be made, or a higher priority must be sacrificed to give extra attention to lower priorities, and when the pressures of the world throw life out of balance, remembering the right priorities gives us guidance, strengthens our endurance, and restores sanity and peace faster than anything else we might try.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Which of the priorities on the list above are out of order in my life?
  2. How do I feel when my beloved puts all else aside to give me undivided attention?

Strengthen your relationship:
Pray for inspiration in planning a day in the near future when the two of you spend an entire day together away from the people, jobs, and responsibilities of normal life. Say “amen” only after discussing and committing to the plan.

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